Hey all!

I want to continue to thank everyone for the kind words and continuing to support my hex tiles, I hope they've been useful! I'm pretty bad at keeping on top of comments, so I apologize, but I really liked some of the suggestions that were left there, so I made a few and added them to the main sheet.

Port - A bustling harbor with a smattering of fishing boats and dockside warehouses with a left and right version that should accommodate most coastal hex situations.
Lighthouse - A grand spire that climbs into the sky, it's fire tended through out the night to warn ships of the jagged rocks below.
Ruins - Strangled by vines and overgrowth, the ruins black edifice juts from the lush forest, it's entrance beckoning adventurers to explore it's abandoned vaults.
Cemetery - At the edge of town, the family mausoleums and headstones jut from the cold earth, ragged teeth across the otherwise pristine skyline. This holy ground seems somewhat sickly, perhaps something sinister lies beneath?

Thanks to igormasson and Groovyalex2 for the suggestions!

Keep letting me know if you have any other requests and I'll try to do a little expansion pack more often.


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Apr 30, 2018

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I would like to see woodcutter house, mine improvement, and city stuff

The main things I'd like to see are volcanic regions, different road types like dirt road, and extra details that can be layered on top of stuff so they can work in any region. Also some water details like shipwrecks, and maybe lighter sand details for beaches?

Some great ideas! I've been super duper swamped with work lately, but I should be able to get back into working on some pixel art and stuff in the near future, I'll keep these in mind <3