Hey everyone, CuddlyColin here!

First, I want to apologize for not updating more often and perhaps supporting this tileset better. I really appreciate everyone who's downloaded it, paid for it, played around with it, and especially anyone who's used it to make something. I really appreciate every follow and download I get, they mean the world to me! :D

The reason I haven't been around on itch is I've been really busy getting the final touches on Virtually Competent's Crystal Control 2! It's like...almost done. So. Close! I would love for anyone that follows me to check out the Virtually Competent itch and give it a follow, maybe play some of the other game's we've made? Except for Crystal Control 2, they're all entirely free and playable in your browser!

After I'm all done wrapping up CC2, I'm gonna transition back into making some generic art that can be used freely, but I'd like some input from people using my assets on that! I was thinking of setting a Patreon to get suggestions and votes and maybe random drawings for specific assets? Is that something people would be interested in? I also have a project I'd like to work on for myself, and maybe I'll just offer assets from that up for free?

Anyway, just wanted to let people know I'm still around, and I love you, you're awesome, and thanks for reading!

Oh! And if you wanna follow along the social media I post most to, check out my twitter @cuddlycolin, and my tumblr,

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