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The Tiled example refers to a tileset definition file for the rivers and roads expansion that seems to be missing.

Yeah, it wasnts a rivers and roads TSX document that is not included in the downloads. It's a great tileset, but the roads don't seem to work because of this.

This might sound stupid: would these work in another editor like hexkit as well?

you gave me a great game idea and use it

simply amazing thank you



 i've been working on  a hex procedural terrain generator as a hobby. Your tiles are perfect to visualize different biomes! Check it!


I could really use some help with the roads and rivers, while the terrain I think Ive gotten it to look right, but the roads never seem to fix themselves, even though Ive set both the map and the tileset to the proper values, it does not seem to be changing anything at all.

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Where do I change the side length to 16 at?

Edit: Found it but nothing lines up even with all of the properties you've said to change


I'll leave just one last comment that should contain all future updates as well.

I've recently gotten a really talented pixel artist onboard, so we now have a bajillion FantasyHex-compatible tiles and improvements 

They're all here for your perusal:



This is so incredibly cool! Thank you so much for setting this up and supporting the tile set, all the work is great and I'm sure other people using the set appreciate it <3

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Loved your tiles! I started working with them in a companion app for Barbarian Prince, though it's stalled now for lack of a proper license. But it was fun and it only looks good thanks to you!

By the way, in order to make the tiles fit together I had to press some of them down a few pixels, particularly the cities and castles. But in the end they were a joy to work with. 

I used Your tiles (Luckmann pack) to create free random-generating endless wallpaper for android. It also has dragons %) Google Play link

Here's the custom edits I've done:

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It looks great, but wherever you uploaded it or however you did it, it didn't preserve the .png transparency of the background, so it's a bit hard to use. I especially love the barren ashland trees (...or at least I assume it's ashland), and the snowless mountain. For some reason the volcano one also appeals to me more than the older ones, I think it's the darker aesthetic.

Edit: By the way, having two mirrored ports is completely unnecessary. You can flip tiles by pressing x, so you only ever need a left- or right-facing tile, and then you can flip them on placement if needed. :)

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I actually just discovered the tile-flipping option the other day haha. I just uploaded the image as I had made it before the discovery.

Unsure what happened with the transparency, but I'll see what I can do!

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Transparency should be working with this one. I didn't bother deleting the redundant port, though.

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I actually took the tiles I could find in the comments, organized them as best I could and as I considered to "make sense", and also created a few new ones, mostly by cutting, pasting, and photoshop voodoo:

Most notably, I "externalized" several assets, such as the graveyard(s) so that they can be used on any background; it turns out that Tiled handles .png semitransparency just fine, so shades can be created quite easily by painting a black with an opacity of ~13%; some may require more creative uses to look good on certain backgrounds, for example, the "tents and stones" which are intended for a desert background required using just plain red for shading to look good (imho).

I also organized everything into a foldered .psd with a helpful custom background, which I might as well share:

I'm pretty OK with manipulation, however, I'm terrible at original assets, myself. What I'd like to see, but am too painfully inept to do myself, are more "random" assets and "markers" or "terrain features", such as temples/henges, various types of ruins, castles, keeps, and I'd very much like to see something denoting a small village, as well as a trading post; just a few houses and a palisade or something.

Cheers, I love the package!

Edit: Also, I've just found out that it is possible to flip tiles in Tiled by pressing "X", meaning that several tiles in this package serve no purpose, including half the harbors. Worth keeping in mind.

Edit 2: Finally, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the Tile Properties setting(s) for these tiles is Orientation Othogonal, Grid Width 32px, Grid Height 48px, Drawing Offset (0, 2); Map Properties setting(s) need to be Orientation Hexagonal, Tile Width 32px, Tile Height 28px, Tile Side Length 16px, Stagger Axis X.


Woah. Thank you for taking the time to do all of this! I know tiled can be a bit difficult to get into. Every time I revisit it I end up bit confused and having to relearn it a little. I also keep meaning to update the original sheet with my takes on assets people have made and getting permission from them to put them into the initial set, but life gets in the way sometimes.

I appreciate all the ideas for new assets to sit ontop of stuff too, that's great and maybe easier for me to dig into than whole new tiles for all those things. When things smooth out and I get a chance I'd love to add them!

Be sure to share the things you make after putting all this hard work into organizing it all! <3

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Thank you so much for continuing to work on this! Can't wait to see the updated sheet!

I've been using this to re-create the first Final Fantasy world map for a DnD campaign.

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Just FYI, I think row 8 is off by a pixel. I created a blank background image to make sure everything is oriented correctly that might be useful for anyone making more tiles.

And here's a close up of row 8, showing slight misalignment.

Also couple pictures to show why I organised them in a tall thin column, 8 wide same as original tiles. it was merely because it gave me more space to use the screen, as I'd rather scroll further than be really zoomed out or have to use up the screen with the panel more than I need.
8 columns:

Lots of columns:

 I spent ages organising the tiles in a way that made sense to me with just 8 columns but eventually just decided "good enough" as I didn't want to spend ages figuring out the optimum way to organise pixel images.

And here's a copy of 8 wide blanks in case people are lazy and have the same idea.

Further tile ideas because while I'm here why not:
More ash wasteland, dead and/or burned forests and charred landscapes, settlements that have been damaged or destroyed.

And well it is a fantasy tile set:
Fantasy landmarks, monoliths, giant statues, etc.

If it's possible with such a little amount of pixels to create very different settlements, then:
Non-human settlements, elven, orc, dwarf, goblin, etc.

(if not possible with this sizing of pixels, perhaps CuddlyClover would you want to make a larger more detailed tile set? Not sure how scaling would work, but I could potentially create bigger versions as a test and see if you/anyone wants to roll with it for those that want more detail)

Fantasy forests, i.e. different colours to green, different shapes, or perhaps just really big trees/a central giant tree.

As you said "x" flips the tile horizontally in tiled, could have a lite version of the tileset which just has 1 variant of each tile type, and a bigger set with multiple variants, preferably all alignend the same way, and then pointed out to use x to flip the tile horizontally.

Rather put ideas out there in case someone wants to do something with it related to this tileset


Inspired by this, I created both new "Farm" and "Mine" tiles to fit more basic tile types

Looks like this on a map:

Yes, the mines are meh. But IMHO the alternate farm tiles are pretty good =)

These are great, thanks!

In case it helps anyone - the settings above got me up and running.  The only wrinkle was on the tileset properties.  When you pull in the tileset and go to tileset > properties, there are two "halves" to the properties display.  Properties at the top half of the list and are normal font.  That was where I was changing properties and still having problems.  Then there are "image properties" in the bottom half.  They are greyed out and they are the ones you need to change.  You need to click on the image filename, then select the edit button and you can change them.  Hope this helps!

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Man do I feel stupid here, because I can't get the example file to work (and I'm not sure why), and when trying to simply create my own tileset using the main tile image, I can't even choose hexagonal orientation in the properties, only Orthogonal and Isometric.

It looks great, though, just wish I could use it.

Edit: I think I worked it out, but some clearer instructions could really have helped. Apparently, the instructions you've given is for map settings, not the tile properties, but if one isn't familiar with Tiled in advance, that's far from obvious, especially when the tile settings aren't default either (it's 32x48.. I think?).

I had this same problem when I first used it. But yeah a little familiarity with Tiled helped sort it out.

Having the same issue - played around with Tiled a bit and watched the intro tutorials, but still can't get these tiles to work.  I only have Hexagonal Staggered as a hex option and can't find the Y offset anywhere.  Would greatly appreciate anyone writing some simple step by step setup instructions.

Is the artist available? I would like to know if I can hire him to work on improvements to the Tiles package.

Hey Cesar! I'm the artist, you can email me at if you're still interested ^^

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Can someone pls help me? I loved these tiles. I want to use these to create a map (duh) but I've never worked with tiles or any software related to it. I'm lost. Where do I start? Which is the easiest way to do it?


The description says everything you need.
"This tileset was made to use be used in Tiled set to Hexagonal orientation, with 32 tile width, 28 height, and 16 side length. There's also an offset of 2 on the Y axis in the tileset's properties."

"All of that is set up correctly in the example file, and you can get Tiled from here: "

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Making a map generator for my game using these tiles and I love them! Still debating if I should limit the locations of desert and snow...

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In fact, why not. Here's a more polar generation (on a smaller map)


Added random river gen... which took way longer than it should

Also, for anyone interested, I made some adjustments to roads (currently untested). 

I now understand why it was 4 directions. Exponential yo.


RIGHT?! Roads/rivers is hard. My biggest concern was it would be a pain in the butt to try and find the right road to connect the right way out of...what 50 odd pieces? ^^;; But everyone who's doing procedural map stuff probably wouldn't have cared once they set it up to just work, so I'm glad you added to the set! The stuff you're doing is looking awesome! Thanks for sharing it ^^

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Yeah, you'll probably notice those extra roads are yours with extra paths added in using the same palette. I am... not an artist. I was going to do the others, but after roads I was mentally done lol.

But for the gen the rivers and stuff are fine as 4-directional. I just needed 6-way roads as the player would be placing them and they'd probably find it odd to not be able to go up and down. Without your originals I definitely wouldn't have been able to add in the extras :P


I made some changes and added some more variants of tiles for personal use (D&D map) and also incorporated other user's from the comments additions. (did all of these as variants of borderless, may re-do them with borders as well and/or add additional tiles at another point if I want any others.

Just as a warning - I reorganised where all of them are, so if you overwrite the original file in Tiled, the tiles will be different from what you've already made.


  • escarpments
  • lava rivers
  • dormant/extinct and active volcanoes in various stages of eruption with full eruption linking up to the lava rivers, sea volcanoes
  • ash landscape grass tile clone and ash covered settlement tiles
  • pure lava normal tile and sea tile format.
  • raised / hill variant tiles
  • half melted snow variant tiles
  • snowy fortified settlement tile variants
  • lake/pond variants
  • cold area ports and lighthouse
exo_variant fantasyhextiles_v3_borderless
Original tiles, my additional and variant tiles, and bottom left Yggdrasil61's "lava" and "volcano tile" and yairm210's" marsh", "lake" and "jungle tiles"


"good enough" escarpments I made
original road and green river, DanHarty's blue river and my lava river

Wow wow wow! Thanks so much for compiling all of these! I'm so happy to see people still using the kit and adding to it. That's what I always wanted! It's very inspiring, so maybe I'll crank out some new stuff for ya'll to work your beautiful magic on ^^

Yes please! I have been using this for maps for over a year, and would love to see new stuff!

A year?! Gosh, okay...I'm adding new tiles to my list of things to do!

Found these now but this is excellent stuff and can't wait to use them in a project!

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This is incredible! 0_0

I'm making an Open-Source Civ V for Android and your tileset blew me away!

Even though the art style I've used up till now is decidedly non-pixelish, the map looks absolutely stunning now:

I modified one of your "marshy" tiles to create a "lakes" tile, and created 2 "Jungle" tiles (YMMV), putting them here for future users


Obviously credited you and put a link here ;)

hey, i was wondering if this game is out yet, if it is where can i get it, it looks incredible 

Of course!

Available on Google Play

Hey, I'm stupidly excited to install this cause I love civ :P

Also do you have a discord or twitter or anything? I'd love to talk to you about maybe helping out on more art?


I want to add Natural Wonders and the main thing I'm missing is art! 0v0

You can join the Unciv Discord Here and/or talk to me via email at

Hi there! We are currently in the process of making a game and intend to enter a competition (Specifically IGF) and were wondering if we could your artwork.
Many Thanks.

Definitely! If you could just include credit or a link back here that would be much appreciated <3

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Great tileset! I got even got the rivers and roads to work right, which required some fiddling.

One question though... why are the rivers green?

Edit:  I made a version with blue rivers instead of green rivers. I think it does a lot. I'm not sure if my green rivers are some kind of error or not, or just a strange design choice, but this fixed it for me.


Hey Dan! Thanks for adding your blue rivers! I used the green to match the swamp pools where my rivers were starting, and rivers I've seen have mostly been muddy brown (I lived on the Mississippi for a while) so yeah :P

OMG,this assest is so much crazy!I have find this for a week time !


Really nice work CuddlyColin ! I really like it.

You inspired me to work on a procedural map generator. Here is a visualization.

Thank again :)

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Thanks to you (and some great artists too like stensven or DualR), I created some new tiles :)

Any possibility you'll make those extra tiles available? I've been looking for some lava-themed ones for a while now.



Sure, I post it here.


Woah! I'm just seeing this! That's so very cool! Thanks for adding to the set and sharing, so glad people are doing fun things 💕

Deleted 4 years ago
Deleted 4 years ago
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Very sexy.  Wish I had time to learn Unity to make a game with this.

The example file doesn't work because it depends on a missing file (fantasyhextiles_randr_4_v1.tsx) .

Hey Eldwood, sorry you're having issues, I think it's the same problem SorayaProtera was having, let me know if this post helps

Hex sells!

Hex, drugs, and rock and roll baby!

I absolutely love this tile set you've created. I have used this to create a map for a D&D campaign and would love to see some more tiles added eventually. I wouldn't mind some smaller towns, volcanic elements, possibly some lava added to the set.

Yay! I'm glad it's come in handy! Lava is a great idea and wouldn't be too hard to do a variant on some of the already existing tiles, I'll see what I can throw together when I get a chance! Thanks for the kinda words and suggestions <3

I was just thinking of trying/getting a friend to do some Volcanic stuff. An active and dormant variant and some ashland tiles would be excellent! Thank you again for this, already!

Hi, is it ok for commercial use?

Of course! I would just love some mention in the credits and a link to what ever you make with them so I can share your work! :D

Ok! ill do this as soon as we have some content! thanks  you

Great work, would love to see more from you.

Thank you so much! :D

Could you add lighthouse and cemetery tiles? It would be really great! 

Just now seeing a lot of these requests. I've been super busy with my day job, but these are great suggestions and I'll try and get them made soon :D

Can you make a ruins tile and a port tile?

Definitely! These are great tile ideas. Been super busy with work,  but when I get a moment, I'd love to make these tiles :D

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When I open the example file, Tiled asks me to help it find some files I don't have--specifically, tileset data files for the roads and rivers. I only have the base images, and I don't know how to reconstruct what it wants. Please help! ;_;


Ack! Sorry, I should have included an example without the rivers and roads. Two options, you can grab Fantasy Hex Tiles - Addon - Rivers and Roads v1 which is separate from the the base tile and use Tiled to locate the file, or, in the tiled file, just delete the Overlays and Rivers layers and it'll get rid of all the error boxes. (Note that cave entrances which are in the base png are on the overlay layer and will go away as well in this case)

Hopefully that helps? Let me know if you still have any issues <3

OK, that helped. Haven't gotten it working on the example map, quite, but I was able to get everything going for the map I'm working on, which is the important bit. Thank you, and I appreciate the help!

Deleted post

Version 2 is the newest version, it has some drawn in borders (so you'll clearly see the hexes), borderless is the same without the borders and the rivers and roads is an additional tile sheet that can be used in conjunction with the base set.

If you're just looking to throw something together quick I'd just grab the base version 2 and the tiled example if you wanna see it in practice. You can easily swap to the  borderless or add roads later in Tiled

Hope that helps? :D

Deleted post

Are these tiles really free? Come on, is it a prank? haha' Joking man, your tile(set) are SO cool! May I use them in my game? I can assure you a place in the credits!

For sure! Thank you so much for liking the work. I'd love to see them used in the final project <3

These tiles are lush! I see all the comments are pretty old, have the roads and rivers been abandoned? They would really round it off.

Hey! Thanks so much! Yeah, I've been a bit swamped lately and haven't had time to do much personal work and I still haven't figured out the best way to do roads for hexes. Work should be dying down after this week though, and I'll see if I can update the set soon :D

Are there roads that run North/South and East/West?


Technically no, I went with the most simple solution of only using 4 of the 6 sides of the hex. You  can make roads in cardinal directions by alternating some of those roads though: 

Nice, that works!


Hi, love the tiles! Are we really able to use these in our games?


Thanks so much, and of course! Just a little credit or link to my would be nice. I'd also love to see what ya do with them :D

Why thank you and of course I'll link :D

Nice work!

i love that tiles, thank you for sharing!

I think you could add more tiles for the castles, so that each of them got 3 tiles. I would also appreciate some units to move around.

I think i will use them in one of my projects.

Thanks so much and thank you for the suggestions! I'm not sure if I wanna do units yet cause that might be kinda specific, but I may do some eventually. Please let me know if you end up using them :)

Beautiful, thanks so much!

Thank you! <3

This looks amazing!

Thanks so much! I'd love to see anything you make with them, and feel free to let me know if there's any terrain types that are missing that'd be cool to add, I've already got a few in mind for version 2! :D

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